2363 feeder station robot loading

Now we just need to speed things up a little…

6 tote stacking at the feeder station

Interesting. Makes me wonder if we could do the same sort of thing… (we don’t have such a tote slide in our design right now).

Do you have an effective means of getting a Recycling Container on the stack?

I’d imagine they just load one first and then start tote loading.
Great design, I’m loving the outside the box thinking with the through-bot loading (inside the box?) and the great use of a bike disc brake.


That’s some smooth loading. Nice work!

Great work! How has your active intake worked out in the open? I still think that’s the way to go.

Looks great! Very smooth!

What versa planetary gearing are you using on the intake? And which wheels are those? 4" Colsens?

Partners. Anyone who can put a RC on a level 1 tote gives huge value.

Driving around with 6 totes and an RC - now that’s a different story.

Love it: simple, effective, completes a significant challenge in the game, and generally won’t starve for game pieces.

Very nice.

That looks awesome, thanks for posting videos mid season.

How much error can you have in feeder station alignment? When we were thinking about this idea one of spots we weren’t sure about was aligning perfectly to prevent the totes from jamming in the robot.

I think we have an inch or 2 either direction. Since the bottom of the tote is slimmer than the top you end up with a little more error allowance than you’d think.

Love the bike disc brake!!

Such a smart and simple design. And you have 2 weeks to iterate. Great job.

Slick and simple, I always love your designs 2363!

Wow nice! Our team was thinking of doing something similar to that but eventually decided to go with another idea we had.


Just a thought. Could you shave off a few seconds by just leaving the first tote on the ground and sliding the second one on top of it, then pick both up at once?

Good luck this year! Looks like a strong design.

I think a lot of that depends on what the throughput of a HP can be. Shaving the time off of the robot doesn’t help if the robot is waiting on the human player. I think that will be the limiting factor for a lot of robots that feed from the human player station.

Love the design! I’m always curious to see what Triple Helix will be building and how you’ll do it… imo, you guys always do a great job picking a good strategy from game analysis.

I disagree; I think most HP-loaded teams will be robot-limited rather than HP-limited. That said, the good HP-loaded teams will be HP-limited… and that with a well-practiced HP! I certainly think you guys will fall into the category of ‘good’ HP-loaded teams though! :slight_smile:

Seems to me although your HP is being smooth, he could still be 30-60% faster… perhaps by situating totes such that he doesn’t need to walk around that would itself be a fair bit quicker. Then of course there’s just being practiced and even quicker (think 2013 HPs)! Seems like he also is usually needing to wait to release the tote through the Chute Door, so that’s a pause (although not currently his fault).

Seems like the two big slow-downs on your robot are retrieving the tote after it slides through (looks like 2-3s to me) and the requirement to raise and lower your stack repeatedly. There’s certainly potential to speed up the first one quite a bit without dramatic re-design, but the second one’s harder to speed up dramatically without changing the fundamental process.

Great work…

Your totes never seem to have the dreaded, stand up on end problem we have seen in other videos.

Wondering how the dimensions work out, and if adding a wheel in the middle of your arm would help if you ran it in reverse while dropping the crate to pull that leading edge out to prohibit the stop on end.

With the totes above, it looks like you could not stand it on end, but one that stalled with just leading point resting maybe a problem.

Great work. This looks really familiar.