2363 Triple Helix at Busch Gardens NASA Days

A little taste of our weekend.

<edit: relinked to extended version of video>


that’s pretty awesome, guys! any idea how many you had pass through the booth?

Hundreds. We gave out “business cards” (pieces of paper with information about FIRST printed on them) to interested kids and their parents. We started with around 700+ and ended with less than 300. Accounting for some of the team taking some home in their pockets (I know I have about 20) we gave out 400ish of those cards.

That is not to say there were only 400 people that stopped by; for every one piece of paper that was handed out to a parent they usually had 1-2 kids. Also, during the demos children would flock to catch the ball then disappear while their parents were informed of FIRST by the other members of the team.

How did I miss this event was going on? I so would have been there. I guess I need to keep my eyes peeled so we can possibly have a larger FIRST presence there next year.

I should have mentioned this when I emailed you the other week. We did this 2 years ago also, we would have done it last year but the govt money issues ended up canceling the event.