2370 - Hab 3 Climb Mechanism

Lead screw lifter integrated into rear drivetrain. We’re going to increase the lifter speed this week.


Absolutely love this. Hope that rear actuation is durable and you can get it a bit more rigid!

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The 8020 bearings come with shims to tighten them up a bit. After we speed our VP gearbox up we’re going to get that sway out of the mechanism too.


This is awesome! Congratulations for achieving a very difficult task in this years game! This will surely help you guys seed well during the competition!

I have a few concerns about this design though, namely where your robots frame perimeter is and how you plan to be within it at the beginning of the match. It seems as if your arm is overhanging the frame on the bottom of your robot, so unless you have a way to bring the arm within the frame perimeter, you might have a problem during inspection, and no minor problem either.


We do have a mechanism that will retract the whole elevator, carriage, and gripper into the frame perimeter for the beginning of the match so we should be legal.

Good eye!

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Have you tried it with the bumpers on? That extra 3.25" killed a lot of our design concepts.

Overall, looks very nice!


very neat!

Do you really need to raise the rear wheels that far when it’s done with the climb? Might save a bit of time if you leave them low, but not touching level 1.

We should be able to just lift them a little, will save time and also our bacon if we slide backwards.

However, if an alliance partner needs some room we can get out of the way, or do some donuts up there.


Very nice design. Our team was going to do something like that but decided to go with something a little more… precarious.


Your bumpers might provide some issues with getting close enough to the platform, but looks like you all have enough space to still achieve the climb with enough wiggle room. Good work!

The bumpers will fit behind those little roller wheels - the arms stick out past and below them, so if our measurements are correct they should be clear. It’s a bit hard to see in the video but we planned for the front bumper positions pretty carefully.

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Just curious, where’s the front end of your frame?

Here’s a couple profile pics - shows the profile:


Those are some thin bumpers. Do you have pool noodles inside of them?

I’d be a little hesitant putting half the robot weight through two drawer slides. They usually don’t like heavy side loads and especially don’t like bending/twisting torques. If it works for you, great. But be sure to test it thoroughly before putting it on the field.


So does your entire lift slide back to start the match inside the frame perimeter?

It certainly appears to - you can see the movement in the video.

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Ah, didn’t catch that.

Definitely some design discussion there on the team. The slides are reversed so they are retracted when the elevator is in the “out” position. We have a backup design with bearings, but there’s a decent amount of weight. The back bearings will likely be in our 30lbs withholding.

That’s awesome. I really like the design.
There are more teams going for the third level then I thought.