2383 Practice Robot pre-week 3 San Francisco!

After competing at Palmetto during week 1, team 2383 made a few changes to our practice robot that we will be integrating on our Comp. Bot during Practice Day at our week 3 competition in San Francisco

Our changes include:

New & Improved Feeder (Triple Helix inspired)

a 160:1 reduction on a new “Wrist” that travels roughly 200 degrees (for dual side placement)

less of an incline on the elevator (to increase our max height)

to see a sneak peek of one of the first times we practiced with this iteration of “LλMBDA”, check this out!

Thank you and have a wonderful competition season!

Agreed, Triple Helix was a great inspiration and the video contribution was helpful for many this year. There are many teams out there including 5472 The Stallions that found their prototype reveal extremely helpful. After going through Palmetto and Greater Pittsburgh, we have seen the inspiration first hand on many robots. Teams like that deserve more credit . I know that was something they did not need to post at the time they did. We changed ours a few times to lighten it but we have been very happy with how effective it gobbles up the cubes and maintains control of the cube. We shared our CAD with 2383 The Ninjineers, they modified it to fit their mechanism and I was happy to see them perform so well at San Francisco up against strong competition.

Couldn’t have done it without you guys! So happy to see team 5472 perform so well at Greater Pittsburgh! Finals was a nail-biter!