2386 Bench Grinder

2386 would like to present to you our new bench grinder. We’re hoping this might help to give us a competitive edge at Windsor this next weekend.

The link above was just some fun our team was having. here is the raw footage for those who wish to see it.

It’s Week 5 and you’re competing at a Week 6 regional. Why even bother with censoring your design at this point?

The lack of duct tape to hold the grinder to the robot made it look Photoshopped…

Photoshopped? We’d never do such a thing :D. We’re merely testing our new anti gravity code the programmers whipped up.

This was just our team having some fun and jumping on board with some of the other bench grinder posts this season. I’m just finishing uploading the raw footage to YouTube now.

Edit: Just finished Uploading: https://youtu.be/LKN0Gian7gA

I see. Your anti-gravity code seems to be highly effective!

Wow awesome job guys but it is week 5 why not just show yalls hard work off?:yikes:

It being April Fools, I was expecting an actual bench grinder on a robot or something. Or just mounted to a workbench. But no, just another censored testing video…

Late addition to the bandwagon.

If you got to our Instagram we have a video of our shot without a bench grinder in the way check it out @2386trojanrobotics

Woah! That’s awesome. Do you guys plan on doing that for every goal? It looks virtually unblockable, unless you get bumped.

No it’s only when we hang during the end game for that extra 5 points

Just so you are aware:

If that red tape is supposed to represent the top of the low goals, that is not a valid scale. You won’t be awarded points for that climb.

Why do you say this climb is illegal? There are no bumpers on the bot in that video. The way our bumper are mounted this is a legal climb in terms of the bumpers being above the low goal. Is there something other than the bumper rules I am missing here?

Also note that we competed in week 0.5 at palmetto where we successfully scaled.

The bottom of your bumpers must be completely above the line.

The front of your robot is currently tilting downwards, (or appears to be in the video) meaning your bumpers in the front will also be titling downwards, (or level if you have them angled in the bumper zone, when the frame is parallel to the ground).

From the video, it looks like a good portion of your frame is already below the line.

That said, I’d love to be wrong.

. In this video we were just hanging to test our shooter but in a real match scenario we would level our bot and all bumpers are over the line