24 hours till robots.

Is anyone else going to competition tomorrow excited?

I know every time i see one of the other people on the pit crew today i am going to make sure and give them an update on how long till robots…


What competitions are yous going to this year?


Team 343 is excited!!:smiley: We’re leaving in a couple of hours. Can’t wait!! Look out VCU here we come! I’m looking forward to seeing first hand how this game is actually going to be played. It has so many different aspects it is difficult to predict. I also think there will be a lot of busted Sterlite containers :ahh: . Hope FIRST has plenty on hand.

All that aside I am looking forward to another Graciously Professional event. Good luck to all the teams competing this weekend. VCU teams come on by and talk strategy! Let’s see if we can set the bar for the remainder of the season!


See you at VCU too. Mabey 343 and 384 might be paired up together for match and mabey the finals. :slight_smile:

We’re heading out to Cleveland tonight…its like a 6 hour drive or something and i really hope this snow ends soon, as much as i love snow i hate driving in it…especialy on a death trap like our ShortBus that we are taking the pit crew and dryve team in.


We wanted to go to Cleveland again this year, but it filled up too fast. Now we have to wait two more weeks until Great Lakes… We’ll be watching Cleveland on the webcast, though.

yah we wanted to get into st louis but alas that filled up…but cleveland will do just fine in my book!

We went for Chicago instead. We’d hoped to come back to Cleveland and defend our “title”, but Chicago’s not a bad competition, either.