24 Tooth Gear Sprocket

Our team is using the two 24 tooth sprockets supplied in the KOP, our question is can we use those for the front wheels and purchase and use on the robot two more from Innovation First? We are having trouble interpreting Update #6 Section #10.

Thank You,
David Lamp
Team #1254 Entropy

Team Update #6 basically says you can’t use more than two of the KOP 24-tooth sprockets since they were custom-fabricated for the Kit of Parts. Getting more 24-tooth sprockets from IFI (or anywhere else that meets the definition of a VENDOR in the manual) is absolutely fine.

You may purchase 24-tooth sprockets from IFI. However, keep in mind that they are not identical to the ones that came in the KOP. Specifically, they are aluminum instead of steel, and they don’t have that raised spacer ring on one side.

…however, they do include spacers (aluminum, I think) that serve the same function.

The KOP sprockets have a spacer ring actually machined into the sprocket body itself, and are made of steel. The IFI sprockets are aluminum, but have to same bolt pattern. They come with spacers, but I opted to use my own for a shortened chain “jut-out-ness” and to get a tighter fit with 8-32 screws, I didn’t want’t to tap out the hub for the 10-32 screws that were supplied.

IMO FIRST kinda slipped on this one. The 24t sprockets are impossible to find, and the 15t sprockets don’t even have a set screw on them…