24 volt solenoid

how would you program a 24 volt solenoid in labview?

You program a 24 volt solenoid the same way you’d program any solenoid in LabVIEW. Open it in Begin.vi, Close it in Finish.vi, and Set it however you like in Teleop or Autonomous or Periodic Tasks.

If you have specific questions about how to make a solenoid do a specific thing at a specific time under specific conditions, just ask.

I think your problem stems from the fact that it is 24 volts, and not that it is a solenoid. The 12 volt solenoids just worked…you plug them into a spike, or into a pneumatics bumper and you were good as gold.

the 24 volt variety? We haven’t been able to figure that out either…an Electrical engineer could probably tell you How to get the 24 volts you need…There might be some way to modify them to run at 12 volts.

In anycase I’ll dedicate some research to this as it would help our team out also.

To answer eedoga’s question, it’s actually fairly easy to power a 24V solenoid. As stated, the code is the same as a 12V solenoid, the only difference is in the wiring. To get the needed 24 volts, wire the solenoid module to the 24V power supply on the Power Distribution Board instead of one of the many 12V ones. This is in the same place as the power for the cRIO.

No additional wiring changes are necessary since the solenoids themselves get their power from the solenoid module.

USFIRST has some nice wiring diagrams illustrating how to wire the 12V, 24V, and both solenoid modules found here

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Ok…so I did some digging. Check out the following website.


Basically you can get 24 volts from one of the auxilary outputs on the power distribution board, and run it into a pneumatics breakout… See below.


You can not mix voltages. so you should run all 24 volt solenoids, or all 12 volt solenoids…mixing and matching = bad.

Thank you for asking this question. You forced me to look up something that I have been sort of avoiding and dealing with in sloppy ways.

We are all assuming you mean a pneumatic solenoid valve. If you mean something else, please say so.

So, I was about to post this question to Q&A, and I just wanted to do a quick CD pulse on this first.

R50 e. reads as follows:

“Electric solenoids may alternatively be supplied by a Solenoid Breakout Board connected to the NI 9472 cRIO module, which is powered by 12V.”

Reading this alone implies that the Solenoid Breakout Board is to only be powered by 12V. This contradicts R42A which reads as follows:

“The cRIO power input must be connected to the 24 Vdc supply terminals on the PD Board. With the exception of one Solenoid Breakout Board, no other electrical load can be connected to these terminals.”

Again, I know may be semantics, but, in my opinion, a clear contradiction. Does anyone else feel R50 e. should be amended to read:

“Electric solenoids may alternatively be supplied by a Solenoid Breakout Board connected to the NI 9472 cRIO module, which is powered by 12V or 24V.”

Your rewording would conflict with the intent of R48J. I think if you want to run 12V electric solenoids (as allowed with R48J and powered by a solenoid breakout) and also run 24v pneumatic solenoids, you would need two solenoid breakouts, one powered by 12v and the other powered by 24v. Alternately, you could power your 12v electric solenoids by spike relay modules.