2410 Releases Shadowfax

There would be our release video for our 2011 Robot

2410’s 2011 Robot Shadowfax

Drive system
8 wheel drive with 1/4 inch drop
6 inch pneumatic wheels
Am super shifters geared for 3.5 fps and 13.5 fps

Hanging system
Four-bar linkage powered by banebots rs550 in a 256:1 gearbox with a 533:1 overall reduction
Speed is set at 50% for most of the video, but has been upped to ~60% now that we have practiced more
It is set for about 1/2 second from bottom to top.
Claw is a simple clamping system powered by a 3/4" bore pneumatic cylinder
Wrist joint is powered with a 3/4" bore cylinder also

Scores reliably on the top rack using a combination of line tracking and timed release
Shown at ~1:27

Minbot and deployer are still under development, but they won’t dissapoint.

See you at KC and Midwest! (and hopefully St. Louis)

I’m curious how much pushing force 8 pneumatic wheels geared at 3.5 ft per second can generate. Sounds like your planning to bull your way through any defense that stands in your way. I like it. :cool:

I love the 4 bar. That is on our list of things to build one day.

I’m expecting a sub 2-second minibot from you guys in KC. Can’t wait to see it.

Another interesting design. I’m looking forward to getting a closer look at it in a couple of weeks.

Theorectically pushes with just over 300 pounds of force before the tires slip.
In practice, it pushes with about 240 pounds. Mostly due to the wear of the tires, how dusty our carpet is and we pumped up the pressure significantly since we did the Coeffcient of friction test, so we lost some contact patch.
We are loving these wheels so far, after you get past the advantages of the tread pattern “digging in”, and the wheels deforming for large contact patch, they are just plain stickier than the roughtop treads we have tried in the past.

Funny you should mention wanting to build a 4 bar, we still have an elevator on our list of things to do, wanna trade?

As per the minibot:
Thank you for the flattering assumptions. Right now, our “slow bot” goes in 4.75 seconds. The one in design is geared at 1.15 seconds, so if we see 1.4, that will be great!
The mini bot has turned into much more of a project than we first anticipated, kinda like ball control or the challenge of a kicking mechanism last year.