2410's Extended release video

With 5 days left until competition, I suppose it’s time for the extended release video. Can’t wait!

2410’s 2011 Robot Shadowfax

Drive system
8 wheel drive with 1/4 inch drop
6 inch pneumatic wheels
Am super shifters geared for 3.5 fps and 13.5 fps

Hanging system
Four-bar linkage powered by banebots rs550 in a 256:1 gearbox with a 533:1 overall reduction
Speed is set at 50% for most of the video, but has been upped to ~60% now that we have practiced more
It is set for about 1/2 second from bottom to top.
Claw is a simple clamping system powered by a 3/4" bore pneumatic cylinder
Wrist joint is powered with a 3/4" bore cylinder also

Scores reliably on the top rack using a combination of line tracking and timed release
Shown at ~7:09