2415 Parts Management Spreadsheet and Documentation

Hi CD! This is a project I’ve been working on over my thanksgiving and christmas breaks to help manage the chaos of parts for my team’s build season and I’m super excited to share it! It’s basically a big spreadsheet with lots of formulas to sort parts lots of different ways and keep track of their status. I made the google doc (which is a little more broad in terms of scope) to explain how to use the spreadsheet and explain some of our other part organization systems. I know that both of the documents are a little rough around the edges but I just figured that if anyone gets any inspiration or utility out of them, they would be worth releasing. I am a mechanical student with no coding experience so the formula side of the sheet was a bit of a challenge for me, and I know there are some neater ways to do things that I will be looking to implement. But, poor parts organization was far and away the biggest thorn in my side in my first two years of robotics, so I really tried my hardest to pool resources and make a good system. A few special thanks to a couple of teams for their resources that inspired me:

Chiefly to team 971. Your spartan series on ordering and kitting and on drawings to final products gave me lots of ideas to start with, and reverse engineering some of the formulas in the purchase list spreadsheet you all released to the public really helped me get started and still influences lots of parts of the spreadsheet. Specifically, the idea of model based purchasing really excited me and this is my stab at it.

And to team 254, for their part numbering explanation.

Happy holidays and thank you to any and all who take a gander!


I’m getting a permission error, not sure if that’s just me.

Yep, just fixed it. Darn school google account