2429 scouting doc

hello, everyone this is the scouting doc that 2429 will be using this year that my brother and i threw together. All it is, is a simple xcel doc that calculates and complies data.this is designed to run with a paper printout that team members fill while they watch a live match out and one person compiles inputs into the data on a computer later.

have some team members record match data

input your your data into the blue fields under the tabs for each individual team at the bottom of the page and sit back and relax.

please note:

this is pre-set for inland empire regional hence the team#

to change the team number on the output page all you have to do is change b1 in one of the team tabs

remember to change the # of matches played at the top of each tab every time you input another game or else the output page wont count the match

i hope you all have fun with this one and if you have any questions ill try to answer them asap

also pleases post any comments you have about the doc

2013 scouting Master version awsome.xlsx (567 KB)

2013 scouting Master version awsome.xlsx (567 KB)