2449 ... Under the Hood

I really love this pic … it was early on, so all the wires aren’t there yet, but the saturated back-lighting (from an open door), and the color contrasts are so perfect, I’ve used it as my wallpaper on my PC for weeks!


Our website has the full-res version … too big to post here … but it’s here if you’re curious.

what’s the level for?

That kit-box has our yaw rate gyro in it, and we were curious about a level mount, so we had them around and just glued them to the top. There’s a perpendicular one hidden behind the one you can see.

Nothing more than something to look at, no functionality per se. But the more level it is, the more accurate of a reading you get in the actual YAW plane.

You guys are too lucky! Look at all the extra space you have for all the electronics. I was given about a 18" x 12" x 8" space to cram everything into…



well, you’re lucky then! I wasn’t here, but in 06, our electronics people had to cram everything into an area about 8"x14"x3" high!