245 Identity Crisis

Okay so here’s the deal. Our team is in the middle of a debate. Everyone knows that our team name is the “Adambots.” Our logo (shown below) is based on a play on words. Adambots = Atom, get it :smiley: . Well down to the issue. Many members of our team think that we should change our logo to something a little bit more solid (Quote: “Not lame”). Our school (Rochester Adams HS) has the Highlander for the mascot. We were thinking about changing our logo to a highlander, but this was also met with much debate. Part of the problem was how other teams would react to the change. What do you guys think we should do. If you have any new logo suggestions please don’t hesitate to post.

A Highlander constructing/holding an Atom

I’d say keep the adamrobotics. Or change it to Atomrobotics. shrug I wouldnt go with the highlander personally.

Just a thought…
You could have the Highlander splitting an atom with something FIRST related. (Yeah I know that its a play off the movie and that I am a geek for suggesting it.) You could keep the name the same or change it to the Adam/atomsplitters

I have a soft spot for the movie (a small part of it was filmed in the dorm I lived in, just after I moved out!) so I think the Adams Atoms is a VERY neat name for a robotics team!

besides, I have one of your buttons still

I’m also a member of team 245. I was wondering, how many people actually remember us by the atom? If we went to the highlander and kept the Adambots name would we really change in your eyes?

Got a picture of the Highlander you were going to use?

I think you should keep the atom. If you want something “cooler” looking, re-design the logo. Make it a stylized atom, instead of the rigid scientific impression. This would also be a good way to get the non-technical interests involved in your team - get the art department or other people that are interested in graphics to make you an awesome logo. To get the school involved, see if they will make it a project or something that would go with a lesson plan!

Have the best of both worlds: Adam Atom! A highlander made of atoms (ok, really big ones, as we are all made of atoms, but you get the picture.)

I’m currently not a member of 245, but I’m working on their possible new TWiki theme (in other words, I’m more on the graphics end of helping). I think the main problem here with the logo is that we don’t have a highlander to work with, and most professionals can’t even draw up something like that. Most likely, I think we might just have to spruce up that atom.

Thank you all for the exellent suggestions but it seems evident from the poll that the majority of the FIRST community feels that the atom should stay :smiley: .

Not sure if many people would recognize a highlander. Most would recognize an atom.

The suggestions to redesign the logo, perhaps by stylizing the atom, or perhaps by incorporating both items into the logo, are good ones.

Come up with a marketing plan first. If you don’t know how, or aren’t that good at it, go to a sponsor and ask for help, or one of the parents of someone at your school is a marketing expert, find them and pick their brain for a few hours. Use the resources you have!

We spent a few hours with the corporate community relations officer at one of our sponsors, she explained to the kids exactly how to go about approacing new sponsors for money, and just as importantly how not to. We almost doubled our contributions this year, even after losing our main sponsor ($10k).

Point is, you are surrounded by experts, ask them for help. With a good marketing plan, the kind of logo will be easier to imagine, and it will be part of a complete marketing system. Think of teams that you recognize - 47 Chief Delphi, 111 Wildstang, Pink, Exploding Bacon, Rage… and use their example to do the same.


I like that idea. Keep the atom but have that Highlander holding it or something in that area.