2451 - over and out

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And that’s a wrap on the last 13 years of Team 2451 PWNAGE. Thank you FIRST community for making this such an incredible experience. Due to various circumstances, PWNAGE will likely be taking a break for the indefinite future.

Thank you to our loyal sponsor Genesis Automation for providing us with a workspace for so many years. Thank you to the rest of our sponsors who graciously donated. Thank you to all the mentors that poured thousands of hours into building the hundreds of kids in our program. Thank you to the parent volunteers who spent precious time and effort into helping organize the team. Thank you to all the amazing teams we became friends with. Thank you to the support from the FIRST community. And thank you to the robots for helping build students into incredible young adults.

Our students will be graduating from PWNAGE and moving onto bigger and better things. Wherever life takes them, we hope that our team was able to bring them an experience like no other. We are so proud of each and every one. Thank you for #pwningit with us these past 13 years. See you all for the last time this summer at our off-season competitions. :green_heart::blue_heart:

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Sad to see 2451 go. Your QR-code-based scouting system inspired our own app that transformed our data collection from overflowing folders of paper to a live-updating sheet that helped us win our first event as alliance captains. Thanks for the work you shared with the FRC community.


Really tough news to hear (a part of me was hoping you were just announcing a return to 2949 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). So many awesome and inspiring robots, but your 2014 robot will always be up there for me for coolest, most fun robots to watch.


No! Say it ain’t so!

I will hold onto and treasure my PWNAGE shirt!

I’ve been there with a team that I started then had to shut down after 10 years and know just how hard it is to come to this decision. I hope the assests that a team accumulates after so long (and I mean more than just inventory, those tangible and intagible assets) spread far and wide and become the seeds for bigger and better things.

Be proud of what PWNAGE has done over the years and know you have had a net positive effect on the world.


A sad day indeed.

I’ll always tell the tale of the 10 motor drivetrain that almost was. And the wonderful experiments it later triggered.

Also how, at Midwest, I almost faceplanted on a chair, because I was trying to hug one of your mentors, because you helped us win our first blue banner.


Yeah, it’s wonderful to hear people reminisce.


Getting to compete with and against you the last two years in LaCrosse has been a favorite of our team. Awesome robots and great students and mentors. Hopefully we will see you on the field again soon.


Fondy Fire will certainly miss playing with PWNAGE. We certainly had some great runs together, including Carson Division in 2017! Best wishes to everone on the team over the years.


We’ll miss you! Wishing everyone the best.


It was really wonderful getting to play with y’all at North Star @ La Crosse this year. I had some great conversations with 2451’s students and mentors, including in the long field timeout on Saturday when I kept thinking it would restart and was too afraid to move from the pits to the stands because I didn’t want to miss the match our team was in haha, I was down there for a good 30 min - but staying down there was a blessing in disguise as I got to talk to some of y’all, and the conversation I had was wonderful and very insightful into things I hadn’t thought about in regards to FRC before. To all who have been a part of PWNAGE, you will be missed, and I’m sure everyone from that team will go on to do great things.

Team 3926, The MPArors


Sad to hear. Have consistently enjoyed my interactions with 2451.

On a personal level, 2451 will always have special significance in being an alliance member for the first regional I had ever won as a mentor (St. Louis 2016). I always give myself a bit of a chuckle looking back at that regional as I don’t believe our alliance completed any of the finals matches with all 3 of our robots operational.

The final picture from that win told the story.


A world-class program with truly world-class students.

Always a sincere joy getting to work with and compete alongside 2451.

Thank you for all the years of helping make IL such a special place for FRC.

MWR won’t be the same without y’all.


I feel extra fortunate to have gotten time to talk with 2451 student and mentors in your pit at champs this year. Awesome robot and even awesome-er people, even came home with a 2451 shirt! Congrats on leaving a great legacy in our program.




This is really sad to see, as someone who has spent time with students and mentors on pwnage. There are few teams that have such an impact on our community. Every year you can almost expect a robot that not only is so neat, slick and methodically designed but also plays at a high level. There robots are always one of my first places I look for new designs.
To all the students and mentors on this amazing team thank you and good luck


Sad to see PWNAGE go. Happy to have watches their incredible machines since 2016. Going to be vastly missed. Sad to see such a great program take an indefinite break.


Very sad to hear the news 2451 will be shutting down. PWNAGE has been one of the elite teams in the Midwest for a long time, and set the bar high as the team to beat.

We’ve interacted with them a few times over the years, but I’m especially fond of playing together in playoffs at the 2022 Seven Rivers Regional. Their drive team was fantastic to work with, and the entire team is role models of GP - competitive, professional, and incredibly kind.

Congrats on all the success over the years, I hope to see you guys involved in other areas of the FIRST Community in the future!


Wherever the students of 2451 go in the future, I know that they will be very successful. Thank you for your contributions to this community over the years.


Congrats to PWNAGE on a wonderful run. You were always not only a very competitive and successful team, but also a team who routinely created innovative designs and inspired many other teams to do the same.

Andy Baker


We had a great time competing against you at Smoky this year! Y’all came up with a somewhat unsual robot and really put all us southerners in our place. Got my PWNAGE hat on. Good luck to all of y’all in your future endeavors :call_me_hand:


Whenever I introduce someone to FRC, I always pull up a video of the 2014 Curie playoffs largely due to how incredible PWNAGE’s robot and strategy were during that run. Thank you for being such an inspiration over the years and I certainly hope we see y’all on the field again in the future!