2451 PWNAGE Week 5 Update

Here is where we are at right now at the end of week 5. 9 days to go! #BallSoHard

Wow! Two turrets!! The bot looks sick, as usual. Your robot is always stunning, and we enjoyed playing with you all last year in Saint Louis.

2 turrets and no swerve? Wow 2451 is that you?

Actually wait. Its definitely you guys. Only people crazy enough to build 2 turrets.


Super excited to be making the trip with the team out to Midwest this year to see this beast in action! Hope to get a closeup view and meet some of the team! :yikes:

That thing sure is spiffy! You guys make some beautifully intricate mechanisms. I was half expecting the shooter motor to be inside of the shooter wheel.

guys, your robot is upside down. The swerve modules should be touching the floor.

Looks like there’s gonna be at least two robots with dual turrets at Lacrosse :wink:

Missed opportunity, you could’ve attached the two turrets to your swerve modules for aiming, at that point, why not 4 turrets? :stuck_out_tongue:

(really looking forward to seeing it run)


We are definitely running 8 motors on the drivetrain.
Just not wasting them on only turning.