2451 Reveal Video

Here is the reveal video for our robot B9.



Hope you enjoy.

Wow Nick. Beautiful. #datswerve

It looks like it was used in the 1950’s regional :stuck_out_tongue:


[slow clap]

4451 has the exact same robot in their shop, looks like you guys built twins.

Not going to lie that was pretty funny and a nice mix up from the usual reveals that come out this time of year. Knowing 2451 the real robot is going to be a beautiful, solid machine!

Thanks for the laugh Pwnage stay classy.

Warning, Warning, Dr Smith!

Was that this year’s robot tipped on its side in the background?

Is that what I see in the background at 0:44 2:26 3:09 3:15 ?

So many cameos by Kenton! I’ll be honest I texted him pretty dissapointed. I really wanted a full reveal from you guys!
Good luck in Arkansas!