2460 Robot

This is what we got, Built in 4 week :wink: (we dont count week 1 as we didnt even get to look at our KOP until the 2nd week, Thanks DOE for condemning and demolishing our shop in week 1.)

Looks pretty good!

Our shop is possibly on the chopping block… steel beams under the shop floor are rusting out dangerously quickly :mad:

Nice hat rack. :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of curiosity, what’s the compressor doing so high up and unprotected? That’ll raise your CG a bit, making you a little more likely to have trouble tipping when you go over the bump. (It also isn’t that hard to fix in under a day; just need a new set of mounting holes and a longer piece of tubing to get to wherever it needs to go.) And if you tip over wrong… ouch to the compressor.

That’s a lot of chain on the side of your robot that seems unprotected…apart from that it looks amazing!

I see that you do not have any bumpers on the back of your robot. I just thought that i would bring this to the attention of your team because, as per [R27] and various other bumper rules, 8inches from each vertex must be covered by a bumper. AND, your team number has to be places at 90 degree intervals all around your robot (total 4 locations). This is something that would be very important and you should address with your team before you will be unable to compete at any regional you attend and risk losing your ball elevator all together.

Team 3543.

Thanks for the bumper reminder, however we do have all the sides for the bumpers just that the 3 sides that are on now are from last year and the FRONT bumpers are drying right now ;P. But thank you for the concern.

As for the compressor, yeah. We didnt have much room to mount that and it is an easy fix.

The chain? Nah, we’ll be good. Haha. whats the worst that could happen o.O

Robot poop in chain or a bad collision(hope it doesn’t happen but u never know)

I might be missing something here, but…what exactly is “robot poop?”

Nuts, bolts, whatever else ends up in the box on the scorer’s table. Usually a lot of nuts and bolts, though. AKA “robot droppings”.

Functionally, your robot looks just like ours (minus the cowboy hats).


Do you have any video of it in action?

I really give you folks credit for being able to build in five weeks. Aren’t your hardware store runs a two hour trek? We go to the hardware store almost daily during the build.

See you next month!