2471 Team Mean Machine Present: Dr. Claw

Our 2014 robot, Dr. Claw.

Video Here.

Heading to the Oregon City and Wilsonville PNW District competitions soon!

Sweet machine, wish I could see it on the field before District Championship.

Seconded. The swerve looks great, bet you are glad you worked on it in the off-season! Best of luck to you guys, wish we’d see you before champs.

We will miss seeing you guys at the districts. It will really seem odd without skunks or bears (oh my). Hopefully we can all take the money we’ve saved traveling and use it to go to St. Louis. I’m jonesing for some Pappy’s BBQ and a tornado warning.

Best of luck and see you in Portlandia.


How are up guys shooting? Winding up springs?

We have a winch which pulls back some surgical tubing, resembling a crossbow.