2471 Team Mean Machine

Team Mean Machine Presents: Oddjob:

Our robot.


60" height, 28" x 28"
Low center of gravity

6in Mecanum Drive

Double Sided Intake
Picks up upside-down and right-side up with passive orientor

90 degree shooter
~80 degree variable tilt
8" AndyMark pneumatic tire
Full court high-speed shot (100% power shot ~100ft/two fields)
Scores from anywhere on field (and possibly from queuing)
Fire rate: 0.5-1 second per shot (depending on distance)

Shoots while climbing
Ten point lift

Looks more like a T-rex than an office printer. :wink:

Awesome! See you in Seattle.


P.S. Loved the editing, but was there a slight audio glitch? It seemed to cut out on me once or twice.

Thank you, but sadly no. We could not get into Seattle this year. It was booked up. It’s going to be weird not to be there. Portland and Spokane this year.

Spokane is also 6 hours drive instead of 3 like Seattle. Not looking forward to that school bus ride. I hope this bus doesn’t leak like our bus to Seattle last year.

Best of luck to you guys this year.


I guess we’ll see you guys in Portland then; we’re going to Central instead of Seattle. You guys looked pretty good from the feeder slot, and I like your two sided collection. Maybe we’ll repeat Seattle last year, but at Portland. See you guys there!

P.S. Might be nice to see you give Skunks and Tators a run for their money at Spokane!

Great looking machine as usual, can’t wait to see it in action. Great reveal video too.

Did you guys get the motor controller you won in our annual facebook contest? I’ve been meaning to contact you but I’ve been busy for some reason ;).

Looking to forward to hanging out with all you “Meanies” in Portland this year.

Thanks, how’s your robot looking? Do you have any pictures?

See you at Portland.

Hope I get a cape again!:smiley:

What was that about us and Tators, Bear Metal? (2046: see you at Ellensburg! You should bring some more of that blue face paint, we were one good looking alliance last year)

Looking forward to seeing you at Spokane, a solid robot and too bad about Seattle. Spokane is nice though, worth the drive in my opinion. It snowed last year for about an hour during the event.

Sorry to hear that, it will be weird to not have you there!

Best of luck to you guys this year.

I’ll take ‘you guys’ to be referring to the Inspectors and Judges as I’ve been teamless and volunteering for the past few years now… we’ll take all the luck, support, cheers and such that we can get. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Sorry Bryce, no good pictures yet, you can get a glimpse of it on our website.

Let’s just say we will be back to our normal mode of operation and I predict we will not see a practice match on Thur.

haha, well hopefully we get our robot fully functional before Saturday this time.

Hmm… YES that’s what I meant, because I know all about all things going on around me. You interested in some swamp land in Florida by any chance?

Kidding aside, YES, BEST OF LUCK TO ALL INSPECTORS AND JUDGES that make this happen and put up with all of us wound too tight mentors and students that want everything to go our way all the time. We are always in your debt.


Another great looking bot from Mean Machine. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Portland in a couple weeks!

Just to let you know, your video’s been removed from YouTube because of EMI Music Publishing claiming copyright on the music and have blocked it in the US. Hope you get it solved quick!

Any chance on fixing the video? You guys had the video removed because of song infringement.

Thanks for telling us… We will get it fixed ASAP. :o

Might I suggest uploading to Vimeo? I’ve used them to good success when YouTube’s music licensing blocked a video.

Props on the editing by the way, loved the whole Bond theme!

Hi Nuttyman54,

We posted a version on Vimeo. We are still trying to sort out the youtube license issues as well. Here’s the link:

Thanks for watching,

Looks like another great robot from you guys!!
We will enjoy watching you in Portland… we aren’t competing there…but some of the team will be there…

We especially look forward to competing with you in Spokane
We have never had the honor of being an alliance partner with you yet.
Hope to do so some day

good luck!!
Great video too!!


That is a very cool robot. I see it going far this year.

Congrats on the win in Portland!