2481 Drives Over the Bump with Mecanum Wheels

At the beginning of the season there was discussion as to whether or not a mecanum drive could make it over the bump…IT CAN!!!

Questions, comments and suggestions welcome.

Does not surprise me, as mecanum wheels work reasonably efficiently going forwards/backwards (especially if the rollers have a bit of tension).

Would probably work even better with carpet on the whole floor

Have you tried crossing the bump vertically?
I don’t think it will work with mecanum wheel, but i would love to see if it does…
We are going on swerve drive, hope it will be much better then a mecanum wheel robot, cuz if it doesn’t then so much will go down the drain…

cool, we are using a tank drive belt, all i can say is that it turns on a dime and climbs the bumb.

2 questions:

1> Will the mechanums work if you don’t hit the bump square?
2> Will that setup work with the bumpers (it looks close)?

We have not tried it. If it is not perfectly square then it swings around before the climbing motion starts.
According to our drawings and dimensions, Yes.

When you say vertically are you referring to parking on the peak and then driving sideways across the bump? If that is what you mean then yes it works to do that.

I lied it only climbs the bump if the weight is on the front

what’s up with the sloped top?

We were going to go with tank treads on our robot but the other vet (hito) and I said it was a bad idea, every time we have seen them used in precious competitions and every time they try to turn the robot looks like its having a seizure… How does yours turn, “the man”?
The macanum wheels we’ve been looking into as well… but decided against with this years challenge, I guess we could have gone with them anyway… Oh well, these things happen!

What are you robot dimensions, more specifically what is teh amount of space between each wheel?

We just threw our controls/electronics on a sheet of wood and zip tied it to the frame. We will have the controls mounted more permanently inside the robot by the time it is done. It is it an angle currently because the top of our kicker is present in the front of the robot but not the back of the robot.

I haven’t got a clue… The frame is near max size. The actual spacing of the wheels was determined by a student in Inventor. I’m a previous student and am technically a programming mentor. I had a phone with internet so I posted the video. If you want the exact dimensions I can find out and let you know.

I would very much appreciate that, because I’m curious to see how well our teams robot will do that, and I’d like to just compare robots

Cool. Team 1071 is also using Mechanim wheels. While we have had allot of issues with the initial programming, once we got the bugs out we had no issues. I love working with them, and the feel of driving is incredible. Be weary though, without proper wait balancing and with poor driving, you will see some flipping of your robot, DAMAGING UR ELECTRONICS!

I’m told the the centers of the wheels are 26.5 inches apart from each other.