24v power supply not working

Hey guys,

Our 24v terminal on the power distribution board suddenly stopped supplying power and the light turned off. This poses some problems, obviously. Is there a reset or a way to get it working again?

It is possible that you blew the fuse that protects this supply. This happens most commonly when the positive terminal of the 24V supply is shorted to a different circuit’s negative terminal.

Measure the voltage just down-stream of the fuse to verify. These are replaceable by folks with moderate soldering experience and a decent iron.

Edit: Can you verify the voltage at the terminals of the 24V supply?

We can’t actually find the fuse for the supply, and theres no evidence of anything being shorted.

Try removing the connector that feeds the Crio and power the robot. Does the +24 volt light come on? If so the problem is downstream from the PD. If the LED doesn’t come on, Erik is suggesting you open the PD and look for the fuse.