24V Solenoids

So, during a post-build season rules read, and I realized that as per R18, the Motors & Actuators chart, that the rules don’t allow solenoids that take over 12 volts!

Electrical solenoid actuators, no greater than 1 in. stroke and rated electrical input power no greater than 10 watts (W) continuous duty at 12 volts (VDC)

Not only have we been using 24V solenoids to no issue for a couple years now, theres a 24 volt jumper on the PCM!

Can someone tell me I’m suffering from pre-competition paranoia?

yep just paranoia.

The rule you quoted is talking about electric solenoid actuators, not pneumatic solenoid valves. 24V solenoid valves are still legal.

Don’t worry, 24V pneumatic solenoids are fine.

There’s a distinction between an electric solenoid and a (pneumatic) solenoid valve.

R66 is what concerned solenoid valves.

This is where I’d remind you to switch the PCM jumper to 24V, but you already know about that it seems. :rolleyes: