25 FT SERIAL CABLES (controller tether)

I’m wondering how many teams would be interested in purchasing a 25 ft commercial grade serial cable for their robot(s) to use for tethering the operator interface to the controller. The cables are just the same as FIRST gives us (male-female) but much longer. These would come in very handy while testing at the competiton and when you cannot use your radio in the pits. The 6ft cabels provided in the kit are far to short to be useful for this purpose. If you plug them togather they will pull apart. You could make your own cable but it is time consuming to make 18 little solder joints and not to mention cutting all the wire. Plus, if you made your own it would not be very durable.

If enough teams are interested in purchasing a 25ft serial cable, I will make them available for sale for about $12 each including shipping. This is not an official price, just an approximation. Let me know what you think.

These are very handy things to have, our team has had one for a few years now and especially this year it came in INCREDIBLY handy. At the LI regional we had the robot running and practing on a goal very easily with minimal worry about length of the tether wire!

My Point: Every Team Should Get One!!!

6 - 6foot serial cables + 12 zip-ties = 1 hellofa long serial cable :smiley: :smiley:

That’s what we use…


I don’t think that you could get 6 6 foot serial cables and 12 zip ties and shipping for 12 bucks. Plus that’s a really ugly and heavy way of doing it. Just one long cable is nice. I can also provide a 50 ft cable upon request for about $22.

I forgot to mention that these cables are new in package.

i think using the 6 would be cooler and more like a computer user than the one long cable

Hmm…well…does a 6ft serial cable come with the kit of parts every year…

Say you’re in for 3 years. Some duct-tape or zip-ties will get you a cheap 18ft serial cable :slight_smile:

We just received the two 50 ft. cables we ordered from 696. We will be replacing the well worn 50 ft. ribbon cable we have used for about for 4 years. It will be really nice not having to be paranoid about people stepping on that old cable any more. It will also be nice to be able to use the debug screen at the same time the robot is tethered.

I hate ribbon cable :slight_smile: EVERYBODY steps on it! But it’s not really mine to replace…so I guess I won’t buy one :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m poor…so sue me…or don’t; you wouldn’t get much.)

actually our team has found that it is quite helpful to have the cables pull apart… especially when we program… if u were to accidentally put in something wrong and the robot starts driving really fast they will break apart therefore stopping the ‘crazed’ robot. longer cords might be helpful though later on.

Hehe…which is why you put the bot up on blocks :stuck_out_tongue: (or just don’t make any programming mistakes! :D)

Now that school as started and there are more people back on the boards, I just wanted to say that the 25 and 50 foot serial cables are still available. Just send me a PM or visit www.team696.org/fundraisingevents.html:)