#25 sprockets with 1/4" bore and a keyway

Does anyone know where we could find some #25 sprockets with a 1/4" bore and a 3/32" keyway? I would really like to stick with the 1/4" bore for another reason specific to our design, but even though keyed parts are harder to find in that size. \

We’re planning on getting 1/4" shaft with a 3/32" key slot from mcmaster, but they don’t have keyed sprockets in that size. We have a 1/8" key broach, but would prefer not to have to buy a 3/32" broach.

Any suggestions?

Go contact Martin Sprocket and Gear http://martinsprocket.com/.
They should be able to find you some local suppliers and they may have the #25 Sprockets you’re looking for with the specific keys and bore.

You may contact some shops in your area and see if any of them can broach it for you if no one has them in stock, also from enco a 3/32" broach is between 20 and 30 dollars, and will eliminate this problem in the future, think of getting the broach as opening up possibilities for you later down the road.