2530's iNCONCEIVABLE CNC adventure!

I have seen several recent and many historical discussions about affordable CNC solutions. We have not had a CNC for 2530 until this year. Building one from a kit of parts and learning how to control it has been an amazing learning experience for our entire team.

We are now able to manufacture things with more precision and speed than ever before and it has been a game-changer this season where getting the ‘gripper’ and the ‘fingers’ for game pieces right has been difficult. Rapid prototyping and iteration/improvement of a design has been key to our success.

Wanted to share this and would be happy to discuss in more detail our ‘adventure’ building and learning how to use the Mostly Printed CNC and the software to control it.

Plans for the cart we built to use and store this are also attached. We have an extremely functional 3x3’ CNC with cart for about $1500.

:arrow_down: See full document for information.

2530’s CNC Experience


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