2537 Deep Space Scouting Sheet

2537 Deep Space Scouting Sheet

2537DeepSpaceScoutingSheet.pdf (809.7 KB)

If any teams are looking for a scouting sheet, take a look at this one. We believe this sheet covers all important quantitative metrics while not being difficult to understand.

Please comment if you do end up using this sheet, as we, the Space RAIDers, would love to know if we were able to help any teams out there.

Here is a brief explanation of how to use this sheet.

First Row

Team #: Write the number of the team you are scouting
Match #: Write the current match number
Scout Name: Write your (the scout’s) name


HAB Cross: If the bot crosses the HAB line, circle the platform on which it started; otherwise, circle 0
Hatch/Cargo: Tally the number of hatch panels/ placed during sandstorm

Clear Skies

Hatch/Cargo: Tally the number of hatch panels/cargo placed at specific heights during the sandstorm
Low: Cargo ship or lowest spots on rocket ship
Mid: Middle spots on rocket ship
(Some teams may consider placing cargo in a cargo ship after sandstorm as mid placing)
High: Highest spots on rocket ship


Tally the number of game pieces dropped during the match


Circle to platform to which the bot climbed; if the bot did not climb, circle 0


Enter all scouted data as numbers (enter the number circled or the number of tally marks)


We hope that teams who were struggling to create their own scouting sheets can use this as their scouting sheet or as a basis for their own. As I mentioned above, please comment if you do use it, as I would love to see if this is actually helpful. Good luck to everyone this competition season!

Edit: Reordered a couple fields for ease of use and understanding


So intricate! We’ll definitely be using this at competition.

So glad that I could help. Stay tuned because I’m planning on posting the Google Sheets document I’ve made that makes the scouting data super useful. Just out of curiosity, what team are you on?

4973, the Gator Gears

Wow, never thought I’d be able to help teams on the other side of the country. Good luck this season and I hope my scouting sheet comes in handy!

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Thanks, and the same to you :slight_smile:

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Quick question here. Where would one mark, if a robot places a cargo into the cargo ship during teleop/clear skies?


We choose to mark that in low. However, because of the elevated height, I could see a team marking it as mid. Totally up to whoever uses the sheets.

Doesn’t that pose the problem of inconsistent data?

Well, on our team we’re going to consistently mark that as low. If we share data with other teams we’ll make it known that that’s how we marked it.

Just a suggestion, I’d add a column on effective defense. I know we’re planning on playing defense if we run out of places to put low hatches, and I do know of a team that designed their bot specifically around defense. If a team performs a lower than average game piece score one game, then it may be possible they used their time in a different way. It’s also got for alliance selection, as some alliances may find a good defense bot desirable. It’s just a suggestion, as defense is going to play a large role in this years game.

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That’s a good idea. My original intention was to put that in the Notes section, but depending on how Week 1 goes, especially because of the major impact defense could have in this game, I may decide to add a specific metric for that. Thanks for the feedback!

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Makes sense to put it in notes, but if other teams end up using it then having a defense column may be nice for consistency. Totally your call though.

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I like the idea, and I think I’ll reevaluate after the end of the Week 1 events.

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Great and compact scouting sheet! Thanks for sharing this with everyone; we may use this at our competition. :smiley:

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