2537 Week 5 Update (Tape Measure Climber)

The Space RAIDers are proud to present the Team 2537 Week 5 update.

We have a tape measure climber working, and we are almost ready to bag!

Please check out our week 1, 2+3, and 4 updates.
Week 1 Update
Weeks 2 and 3 Update
Week 4 Update

We plan to make all of our videos into a documentary at the end of the season, and we will try to show it at some documentary film festivals. Tell us what you think!

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Here is the tape measure climber part of the video. Do you guys know if any other FRC teams have done a tape measure climber before or are doing one this year?

2537 Hey folks, that was a VERY informative and interesting video. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was well thought out, very well edited and almost appears to have been story boarded. Thanks for the effort. More progress/release videos should look like that.

Thanks for the reply! I am glad to see that someone values the video quality we try to put forth. All of the other updates this year are basically the same quality, so if you have an extra 30 minutes or so laying around, free to check them out!


Here’s ours for this year

Cool! Nice to see another teams version of a tape measure climber. I can’t wait to see these climbers in competition!

I remember team 2064 did a tape measure climber in 2013.

Do you know if there is a video?

Here’s their reveal video:

Thanks. The blue alliance didn’t seem to have a good competition video.