2539 Climb to Traverse Bar in 25 Seconds

One of our first attempts to climb all the way up. We did have spotters but they were not touching the robot. All manual climb for now, working on automating the steps.


Looks like the swinging is pretty serious, and probably the main piece that takes time. Have you thought of ways to cut down on it, or tested continuing the climb despite swinging?


Yes, exactly right. The swinging is the biggest concern and slows down the climb. So far we have focused on the hook and are trying a few things to reduce the swing. Robot also isn’t fully loaded with mechanisms so it will be even heavier and the distribution of that weight will be critical.

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Looks exactly like our climber! Not sure going through the effort of blurring it out was worth it :joy:

That’s insanely cool though! I imagine automation plus a solution to dampen swing will help you shave quite a bit of time off.

Great work!


What no blue cargo container to conceal your robot? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We don’t have that kind of budget. Pixelating almost the entire screen seemed funnier to me also.


Nice job!

Please sir. Can I have some more pixels?


perhaps wrap blue nitrile traction tread or even cut up a nitrile glove and wrap it inside the surface area of your hooks.


Is it worth it to have an active lowering system? Like instead of unhooking from the medium rung and swinging on the high rung, can you winch-release off the medium rung in a controlled fashion? Is that actually faster than just waiting on the swing?

Man I’m excited for the highlight reel of traverse teams that swing a robot at head height into the driver station wall.


For our particular approach we can’t controlled release. But I think others will, we thought that would slow it down. We are considering a change to the High to Traverse transition that could embrace the swing.

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