2539 World Champs Recap Video

Another amazing trip to the World Championship. This year 2539 achieved one of our major goals of ranking first and leading the number one alliance on our field at the World Championship! Just an incredible season for this team. We continue to perform and improve.

Huge thank you to team 103 for helping us transport our pit and equipment to Houston! As well to all of our great FMA teams that worked with us throughout the season!

We had an amazing alliance in the Milstein Division with 176 Aces High, 1414 IHot, and 316 Lunatecs. I cannot say enough about how great it was to work with all of these teams. I wish we could have shown the world just how good this alliance was. But having two robots down in our last two play off matches was just too much for our alliance to overcome. I look forward to playing with all of these teams again and if you get a chance to pick them at a competition, don’t hesitate!

Congratulations to Alliance 2 of 3655 Tractor Technician, 6672 Fusion Corps, 5895 Peddie Robotics(yes Dustin, we are still friends!) and 5419 Berkelium on their Milstein division win!

Next stop for us is NC/RC Offseason on June 3rd hosted by team 5740. Then IRI 2023 July 6-8th @ Lafayette Jeff High School.

Check out or Champs recap here:


I think you might have shared the wrong link…

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Lol, thanks. Updated. FRC 2539 Krypton Cougars Worlds Recap - YouTube


Also, before anyone points it out, we know that the thumbnail is misspelled :laughing: . And lunatecs.

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Congratulations on your run on Milstein, 2539! Your team rocks and I’m excited to watch from a distance what else your program gets up to. Good luck at NC/RC and IRI!


Loved to watch you there. Good job❤️

Edit: did not mean to send this as a reply to you sorry.


We had an awesome qual with both of your teams(6672/6420)! I remember the charging station jammed up in auto and we pulled the triple climb for 4rps. Awesome playing with both teams!

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Remembered that game vividly!!
Love working with you and Fusion Corps
Wish we could have continued on but congrats for making it as far as you did❤️


whoops, that would be my impeccable spelling ability striking again… :melting_face:


It was great working with you at worlds! I wish our alliance had been able to perform to its fullest in our last few matches but it was an amazing run and we learn’t so much. Double jointed CF arms for the win!




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