254 Driver Camera at Worlds?

We noticed the Cheesy Poofs were using a camera on the robot for driving at worlds. It appeared to be a very wide angle or multiple cameras. Any ideas?


We’ve used a variety of USB cameras over the years. The board-only ELP ones work great and you can buy different wide-angle lenses to make them suitable for driver POV cameras.

Plug into the Limelight or Roborio.


Be careful. The .264 compression can cause the default driver station to hang. There are elp that stream mjpeg that is compatible, and those that don’t. For instance, THIS one caused the driver station to crash and we had it confirmed through NI that there was an underlying driver problem. The 180 fisheye was also too much fisheye.

This one worked wonderfully:


This is the one we use (with a raspberry pi instead of using the rio to stream). Worked great, absolutely love the 170 degrees, would not use less:

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