254 Pneumatic ends and roller tubing

We were looking through 254’s build season pictures, and we had a few questions. Attached to the end of all of the cylinders are these red things, for smooth pivoting, and we were wondering what they were and how we could buy them? Also, what is the material they and other teams use on the rollers? I remember reading it a while ago on here, but I cannot seem to find it.

I think you’re talking about ball joint rod ends. McMaster sells them.

They may or may not be similar to these or these.

The first link is correct. The aluminum rod ends from McMaster are red anodized. Search “Aluminum Ball Joint Rod Ends”. They’re about 3x the cost compared to the steel rod ends, but do save a reasonable amount of weight.

We prototyped lots of different types of intake wheels/rollers but decided upon using 1.5" OD Latex Surgical Tubing from McMaster.