254 Robot

Some mentor of 254 I think confirmed it was sail cloth. How are your bumpers breaking they seemed pretty nice to me. The bumpers are one of the few things our mentor does but I want to see if we can make curved edge rather than the reactangle.

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SDP-SI is great for this. You can get a CAD model of almost any tooth profile and size of pulley.


What was your arm made out of? Also what size was it?
(Backlash is beautiful btw)

From Jared in the “What Would You Do Differently?” thread:

Can you elaborate on this? Was it mostly due to firmware bugs or something more intrinsic to the design of the motor/controller? Do you plan on sticking with NEOs for next year?

EDIT: Jared addressed it here: What do you wish you had done differently?


I was surprised when I saw that your team, 254, and 1678 ditched the colson wheels of the old nitrile-thread wheels. Why didn’t you use simple colson wheels?

Probably because of #colsongate


I specifically remember seeing Jared post about how Colsons would slip frequently causing issues with accurate odometry. The nitrile tread wheels likely do not have that issue. Hopefully he can confirm.

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Could we see a cad release for some of you more standard 3d prints (ex compressor mount) or do we have to make our own

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They use a 400$ compressor, are you sure you have the same one?

i am more talking about the more standard universal year to year prints than any specific print

We found it for $150 on this website and used it all season long without issue.

That being said, I would love to see a CAD release for that compressor holder if nothing else.

You’ll learn a lot by trying to recreate the parts for your specific part selection and applications.


Hey Jeremy,
I agree. We were planning on getting our CNC working and then using that to make 1678’s robot but we quickly realized that there will be no point in doing so cause there isn’t much to learn. Instead we are using it to learn and as a reference guide.
I know that you guys build off season bots very well, what is your general strategy? We are planning on identifying a strategy (4RP game), and then looking at the best robot at each of those and seeing what kind of Frankenstein we can throw together with all the robots.
I also want to be able to learn to do turrets so the team can stop being scared of them during the season so in my opinion 195’s robot looks great(except for the big chonky gear that goes around the elevator). I was also looking at making 2073’s bot(smoothest bot imo) with 1619’s climb.
Obviously we aren’t as expeienced as you guys but how was the process of making 1619’s climb?

~ Sriram

Why do you think this is the case? I think your team would learn an absolute ton from picking apart and attempting to recreate that robot. If designing robots as good as 1678’s was easy, everyone would do it. That said, there may be more to learn in creating your own designs though I do believe study and emulation are a great way to learn and improve your design process.

Yea, we wanted to learn to design it and come up with our own design but use them for reference. so far we have used their older bot for ref. when making our drive train CAD and the holes that they have to attach things everywhere.

Steal from the best, invent the rest.

This thread really isn’t the place for this discussion. I’d be happy to take this discussion to PMs.


Ah yea I got carried away

This is more of a software question, but in your technical binder at your pit at Houston, I noticed that you all were using the Pure Pursuit controller for autonomous. What was the reasoning behind switching back to Pure Pursuit from the Ramsete controller that was used last year?


Colsons would give us different distances based on the direction of the carpet weave, and we found that blue nitrile wheels were more consistent for different carpet weave directions.
In addition, colsons wear down faster.

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Can someone translate this so mechanical people can understand?