254 Shirt

I’m a senior and this is my last time at FRC I really want a 254 shirt, how to I trade shirts? Should I trade up to a better shirt before asking a 254 shirt? Do they even allow shirts to be traded? So many questions…

You can buy them off their website, they don’t sell shirts that are within 2 years of the current year to keep them a bit more “exclusive and reduce confusion”, but that is an option, I’m not sure what the the policy is on trading shirts though, some teams don’t allow it to reduce confusion with a student that is not accually on the team for the current season or the most recent past one.

Here is the link https://www.team254.com/store/

There are many traders who trade various FRC shirts who have 254 shirts. I have a 254 shirt, and am willing to trade it. Feel free to DM me.