254 The Best Partner in FIRST

For the past three years my team, Team 60 has been privillage to work with the Cheesy Poofs, Team 254. Together we have won the Silicon Valley Regional the past 3 years. We could not have won the regional any of the years without their help.

The Cheesy Poofs are one of the elite teams in FIRST today. They always have top notch robots and are first class people. Both of our teams enjoy going to competitions to see each other and both 254 and 60 have formed an alliance that will last a lifetime. I enjoy seeing teams talk about us, and Beatty, but please…let’s not forget the teams like 254.

I can’t think of a better driving team then that of the Cheesy Poofs. Their driving skills are remarkable. They truly are the best alliance in FIRST and any team would be privillage to have them on their side.

I would just like to thank the Cheesy Poofs for everything they have done for my team, Team 60, and the entire FIRST community.

Thanks Cheesy Poofs!

i think its great that you guys are good friends now, and congratulations on your sucess, but i have one question.
When you say that you guys work together, does that mean that you actually build robots to compliment each other so that when you are paired, you have no/few weaknesess?

The Cheesy Poofs are an awesome team.

We had the pleasure of being on the same aliance with them in Cleveland (along with 229 who picked both of us – thanks!). While we didn’t quite get it done against Las Guerilla’s & their partners (201 & 859) in Ohio, we gave them a scare in the semi-finals.

Cheesy Poofs have the best win/loss record in the elimination rounds of any team in FIRST. With 6 (at least – I loose track) Regional Championship Banners hanging in their hallways, it is hard to argue that they are not Hall of Famers.

To Cheesy Poofs!

Joe J.

Team 330 had the privilage of working with 254 in LA last year. THey have a great team and made it so we could help them win LA. GO 254!!!

i had the privledge of going with team 60 to san jose. and i would like to thank the cheesy poofs for bieng a great alliance. U guys have awsome team spirit :slight_smile: :wink: see u guys at nationals :smiley:

well its been two great years for me now at the SV regionals and seeing some remakable robots like of 60 and 254 and their partnership just threw me off!!
254 and 60 are on of the best alliance teams this year(also were last year) I am saying all this after seeing us lose AGAIN! against their alliance. Well if 254 would not have picked 60, im sure we would have a greater chance of taking the regionals home with us this year and not staing at the same 2nd place as last year. though there is always next year :smiley: . I would like to Congratulate 60 and 254 for their encrediable partnership.
Good Luck too all at Nats!!

Akshay dodeja
SV pictures and videos have been posted on our site!!