So I’ve heard teams using both of these subnets. Does it matter which you use, and if so, which one is the specific?

Via the document at http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/3120/m/8559/l/98341-preparing-your-control-system-for-competition :

When operating at home, everything will work fine with the Driver Station set to a subnet mask of and any IP in the 10.TE.AM.ZZ range. At the competition, the DS IP must be 10.TE.AM.5 and the subnet mask must be set to to work properly with FMS.

So for use with practice settings (ie, direct connection) it needs to be, but at competition it needs to be changed to

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Thanks! Really clears things up!

I’m kind of late here but from what I know a subnet mask works for practice as well. There is no need to mess with it. is a larger host (computers, cRIO, Cameras, D-Link, etc) network which includes the hosts in Competitions use because they need more hosts. They run a flat network - all hosts are 10.x.x.x and with a mask - they are all in the same network. All teams can technically communicate with each other and with FMS. This is why still works, but your devices can only communicate with devices in 10.TE.AM network - just your team network - at least without a router.

You can use either one outside of the FMS system. It’s easier to stick with at all times.

IP Sub-netting is a great thing to know if you are interested in IT, Network Engineer, etc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subnetwork . I’m a little rusty at it. There are many iPhone/Android apps for IP sub-netting.

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