2574 -95% finished

Here’s our robot, aptly named robohuskie (teams here are the huskies).




Nice isn’t it? Very tidy.

They purr.



Clever, 47 seconds between posts.

I am a little worried for our driver,we haven’t had a chance to test on carpet yet, and only a little bit on slippery floors. Carpet is a rarity in this part of town (although we hear a couple neighboring schools have carpet for their lunch rooms???)

that last picture… I have no comment. that is rare

i like it, how does it work

Nice, we did the same robot orientation. Also going around the ball :smiley:

looks good but a video would be great to see it in action. How do those 2 gripper arms move? Good luck from 2415!!!:cool:

The motor with the spool drops the hoop down hopefully over the ball. She handles well, but that’s on slippery floors where if you floor it (or plastic it?) it will spin the wheels a fair bit before it goes anywhere. This is unit #3. Unit 1 was too flimsy. Unit 2 was .5 inches too large (and is now our pit cart). Unit 3 is just right, although we’re 27.75 inches long. I forgot to include our butchered IR board in its holding cell. We switched to a 1:1 gear ratio (without its fair share of problems, see motor mount picture), but I haven’t been able to drive it yet with the new sprockets on.

Here are two videos of our robot in action

And although no one asked what the other 5% was, I know everyone is dying to know.

What’s a robot without a nice name tag!?

Anyone have any ideas why our gears/motors are so loud? No chains are hitting, and it happens all the time on the right side motors.

Also, has anyone else tried having their robot whip them around on computer chairs?

That’s curious, our gearbox was doing the same. We ended up ordering another and replacing it.

We took it apart, looked for defects, and reassembled it at least twice to no avail.

is your gearbox oiled properly?

lol dont run over your team mates =P

good job on the robot, i like how it grabs the ball

It’s a little tricky to grab the ball, but we opened the arms up a little so it should be easier. We did grease the gear box up, and I don’t even think they were this loud before? I might put a suggestion in to do it again, but I think I used more grease on the right than the left.

And we tried to have it run me over, it didn’t work, little to low to the ground.

And later on (today or tomorrow) our team has a nice little surprise to show the ChiefDelphi crowd. It involves Max (our programmer), a youtube video, and some CCFLs. Awesomeness will ensue.

Good job, hope it works right. Ours is almost done, hope it works right, too.

Check your gripper to comply with <R04> and <R05> (I forget which one specifically). Look at the 1 sq inch rule. It would be a good idea to pad the ends of the gripper either way.

Have you tried capturing a bouncing ball?

We haven’t really tried much with it yet, but we think it should work.

Sorry to keep everyone in such suspense, but the video will come tomorrow. And it will be better than it would have been today. Actually it will be awesome. 100% awesome. I just hope the lights at the competition aren’t too bright…

And without further ado.

Sorry for the little camera shake in there, the inner photographer in me wanted to take it portrait style.

Looks like a nice bear hug!

Didn’t see the lifting though…