2576 Chilean Heart Code Release

Better late than never, even though before kickoff, the release of our team code written in Java.

It’s a bit unkempt, but that’s due to the very few demos we gave with the bot during the year. The code is structured upon a command-based architecture, heavily inspired by 1114. Sadly, we never got the autonomous working (the woes of a team finishing robot building by bag day eve), but it includes the basic structure.

The first repository contains the code in the robot, while the second repository contains the basic skeleton for the code, which can be used by creating subsystem classes in the corresponding folders.

The most important feature of our code was the vision code running on a Jetson TK1 (courtesy of NVIDIA). It was running a very basic python OpenCV script which interfaced via Network Tables 2 with the roboRIO. The Jetson was removed during the year, so the corresponding declarations were commented out in the main robot class and the drive subsystem class. Finally, we began working on a autonomous recorder and playback (relying on the previously implemented logger), but never got round to finishing it due to the lack of a full sized field to test it out.

Good luck with kickoff everybody!

Robot Code

Code Base
Vision Code