2583-The Robowarriors presents Valkyrie

Valkyrie’s Specs

Drivetrain: 8-wheel (4’’ 1.5’’ Wide Colsons) Toughbox Minis. Belt driven
Theoretical speed-10 fps

Shooter: 90 degree arc, direct driven 6in Hi-Grip wheel from a CIM
150 degrees of adjustable angle through PG-71 motor on leadscrew
Piston fed shooter

Frisbee Lift: 3 “Pizza Boxes” each with 20 grippy rollers on the sides to carry Frisbee up
Completely gear driven, over 100 gears total, 20:1 with RS550 Motors

Pick-up: Vacuum Suction Cup feeds into pizza boxes, one piston for compressing suction cup, one piston for almost instantaneous rotation

**Climber:**10pt pneumatic powered hooks, soon to come 30 pt climber
Completely 1/16’’ and 1/8’’ sheet metal


Definitely the most impressive westwood machines in your team history. Congrats to your group for progressing significantly ! Its great to see 2583 using sheet metal. Your pickup mechanism is pretty unique and your 30 point climber method looks awesome.

Congrats on the design, see you at Alamo !

Great video! It inspires two thoughts:

  1. We have got to start playing night games in FIRST
  2. What do the neighbors think about all the frisbees in their yard?

Lucky for us our garage is on a corner, so we are almost never worried about going into other yards. There is also a large tree preventing frisbees from going into the road (most of the time), which has also saved us numerous times.

So really, we got very lucky with our ‘outdoor field’ placement :wink: