2587 DiscoBots from Houston, TX

2587 DiscoBotsfrom Houston , TX is a rookie team ready to show off their skills at the Lone Star Regional.
To get into the details of our Robot Check out our Facebook Style Specification Sheet

To see videos or online CAD models of our team in action at the Houston Practice meet check out the website. http://discobots.org

Just so everyone knows we have undergone a name change from AfroBots to DiscoBots because Disco Balls are just cooler !

Let us know what you think of the website and the robot !
Good Luck to everyone !

PS : come by our tent and pick up a free Disco Ball necklace !!!

WOOH! Go discobots!!
I know Allen, he used to be on 647 and so I’m rooting for you guys, do well and win the rookie all-star award! Hope you guys have an awesome time at Lone Star Regional!

Thanks for the kind words, but this year looks to be a tough Rookie All-Star Competition at LSR this year.

LSR is about to begin tomorrow. http://txfirst.org This year its mostly Texas teams since Bayou and Oklahoma have taken half of the members. I’ll also be looking forward to 647’s machine , I saw a pic on TBA, I can’t really understand how you guys pick up the ball, maybe you can give me an explanation.