2594 Robot Preview


This years robot, week 4, not yet finished. Still have motors and annodizing to do. We need to mount our electronics as well, in the back. Drivetrain and front brushes working, moves well. Tell us what you think.

Very nice! What kind of motors will be driving those blue brushes? I’d like to hear more about the delivery system. Its a well professional looking robot, and I like the drive train as well.

The blue brushes will be driven by the DENSO (window motors). As for the delivery system we don’t have any finalized choice, but we have a few working ideas.

Does each pair of brushes spin independently? Or some as pairs? Or all together? Looks great!!!

The top three brushes and the bottom three brushes work as groups each run by its own DENSO. The top three will be trigger operated.

Yah, the brush system was one of the easier parts to design/build. The drivetrain was a monster… Just so you know, Van Tassel didn’t mention it is 4-wheel drive, AND 4-wheel steering… Here is a pic that is a little closer in so that you can see, as you can tell it isn’t fully assembled at this point, it was a few weeks ago. We are using that mount right there to pivot the two tierods that attach to the custom wheel brackets.


Beautiful design, I love both the drivetrain and the manipulator system!

One thing, I hate asking this question, but how are you mounting bumpers?

Although it looks very difficult with the drivetrain we actually have bumper brackets planned that should work, but not physically there yet…

I can’t wait to see a video or two of this bot moving and shooting. Coming from a second year team, I am highly impressed.

I actually have multiple videos that i have taken off of cameras and cell phones. They are just of the robot driving though. The thing is that I don’t know how to get them onto the site, or youtube. I need some help with that, if someone can help me convert formats or something like that I can get them up. Especially if you know how to get videos off of phones…

looks good, would be interested to see it actually working… Too me in my opinion it looks rather elaborate…

but if it works thats sick…

The driving works amazing and the brush system is currently being tuned. Even with the slick wheels we have almost perfect control with sliding, and we were even playing around sliding it with out feet and purposely doing drift and we EASILY got out of them when we wanted to. I really am wanting to get a vid up now…

Random question:
Are you gonna have really long brackets extending for the bumper mounts?

Bassically, there is a little more than that but same concept.

Ahh. Well it’s good that you’ve got it all planned out. I was just a little concerned XD

A little more than that meaning something structural, right? Something like aluminum tube, say?

Yah, in my original design (I did the chasis/drivetrain) I couldn’t do bumpers, so what i did was manipulate it so that we had some spots to mount. The exact spots and brackets i’m not so sure about but i am told that it should be fine by a couple team members on the mechanical team. I am trusting them that it does work or else we got a problem i guess huh? I am trusting that they are doing something that can take hits from other 120 pound robots, they are smarter than that, I hope… :smiley:

That core frame looks like something that should be on Mars… :wink:

Just make sure that <R08-M> is satisfied. (And the GDC says through Q&A that 1/8" plate on standoffs, unbent/untreated, won’t work.)

KK thx, i will look into that right now just to make sure…

Ok. Good call. Like I said, I’m not personally working on the bumpers, but I will make sure that the people that are know this rule. I did design the chassis and drivetrain so that there was extra room, so it should be ok, but no harm in making sure. Thx again.