2601 Three Ball Auton Teaser

Here’s a low-res video of an autonomous test run. Our captain Vinay put this sequence together.

Pretty impressive. Do you have a plan on how this can be match legal?

What is illegal about it?

Impressive…does it do it in under 10 seconds?

Does this have copyrighted music in it? It doesn’t seem to work on mobile.

It’s perfectly legal as shown as long as the other robots who’s those balls ‘belong’ to are in contact with them (and your robot is not), or one of them is placed in the goalie zone at the start of auton.

With that said, it better be a very high confidence perfect 3 for 3 with the shots, otherwise you’re really going to have egg on your face when you force your alliance to chase down all those loose balls before you can start any assist cycle scoring runs. Just saying, if you’re go for it, better do it right. :slight_smile:

Timestamps on the video put it at less than 10 seconds.

Just imagine two different robots touching the other two balls in the starting config. Then it becomes quite legal.

The two robots don’t even have to be touching the balls.

Well I’m greedy and I want those bonus movement points as well.

Oops! Misread G5. Thanks for pointing this out.

You might want to check that. It’s a bit ambiguous, but it appears that an auton ball has to be placed touching a robot to be ‘loaded’ on the field. The exception is for goalie bots as there ball has the option to be placed anywhere in the white zone on your side of the truss as long as it’s not in direct contact with another robot already loaded (or in contact) with their own ball. So, for this to work, at least how most everyone I’ve talked to has interpretted it, is that one of the balls will have to be in bumper contact with another alliance partner and not in contact with the shooting robot and the other robot would be able to be placed in the goalie zone. Or, if they prefer, also in bumper contact with the other ball.

I’m not misinterpretting the rules, am I? If so, please, someone clarify that for me. Thanks!

First of all - this is a great multi-ball auto mode!

By my reading of G5, this starting staging (in the video) would be valid only if the red ball were not touching the robot. (It’s hard to tell if this is the case). Also, the only way to still have the 5 points for the other two alliance partners is to have them start in the white zone, one touching the red and the other the blue ball.

If the red ball is not touching the robot, and the alliance partners were no-shows or in the goalie zone, it would be legal.

  • Mr. Van
    Coach, Robodox

The red ball was not touching the robot in this test.

You can have more than 1 robot start in the goalie zone if you choose.

Why is that?


For ROBOTS starting in the white ZONE, the TEAM may preload one (1) of their ALLIANCE’s BALLS such that the
BALL is touching their ROBOT.

Are teams allowed to not pre-load balls for auto when they are starting in the white zone? I didn’t see anything in the rulebook saying what to do with balls in auto that aren’t loaded in a robot that has reported for the match. Are they placed in the white zone wherever they please or are they removed from the field?

If a team starts in the goalie zone their ball can be placed in the white zone wherever the alliance see’s fit. Also you don’t have to preload a ball if a team chooses not to preload a ball or start in the goalie zone the ball will be left off the field.

This is awesome!

My question, how consistently can you line up those three balls to push in the right direction/roll to the desired locations? From my experience with the practice scrimmages this weekend, getting balls to settle in the perfect spot is hard, plus each ball is unique in inflation and shape. Seems like this approach is highly dynamic. Are you using any feedback to make ball acquisition more consistent?

Regardless, very impressive and unique approach to the three ball auto problem, well done!


I can’t wait for competition this year for many reasons… two of which are:
1.) 3 ball autos (or any multi-ball)
2.) The one goalie bot that blocks all three of them with PVC and sends an entire alliance running :yikes:

Thanks Mike. This demo was all dead reckoning, but we had some ball tracking in the works. Whether or not it’s going to actually be implemented we don’t know.