2637 2019 Wiring Documentation

Hello, I do electrical for team 2637, and this our 2019 wiring documentation. This maps out all of the components, ports, and connections we utilized during the season.
2019 Wiring documentation

Over the course of the season, we made a plethora of changes and we couldn’t exactly keep up all the documentation according to what was on our robot. We ended up ditching both the cable diagrams and the cable sheets midseason to conserve time.
This was only our second year of documenting our electrical system, so any feedback would be a great help.


Thanks for sharing! Did you use an automated system to generate all the wire codes/labels or was it all done manually? Also, do you have any major takeaways that might be useful for other teams trying to decide whether to use a system like yours?

We didn’t generate the sheets using automated scripts but we did use some general string formulas integrated into google sheets for formatting/generating wiring labels. Some takeaways I personally had was that this greatly aided us during troubleshooting and understanding our electrical system. These sheets were pretty useful since we could basically have all our components designated prior to building and plan where they connected. It really helps to have good documentation when you need to troubleshoot on a regular basis.

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