268 Point Qualifier by Two Robots

At the North Star Week 6 Regional, scored by Team 2826 Wave Robotics and team 3130 The ERRORs. Unfortunately team 4687 was not functional this match. Enjoy! (Skip to 2:45 for match) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVxWY06J2XU&index=82&list=PLx_nxv3OgJ-3TI4SK4QD5TFi3Rsb5LwUj

*North Star Regional

This was the highlight of the event for me! Good luck at Champs! I’d be shocked if you’re not playing late into Saturday.

Oops, I was just looking at Northern Lights on Spyder and must’ve switched those two similar names. Thank you!

Great match, that triple container grab in auto is really cool.

Am I missing something though? I only see 240 points. 28 auto, 5 stacks of 36 points, one of 24, 4 more tote points, and a 40 point co-op?

edit: nevermind, litter is a thing.

Hmm… looks like due to match start issues, the human player had already moved totes into a staging location prior to match start (at 2:55) Don’t think that made any substantive difference though, but field reset should have put those totes back into the starting locations.

Great match though. Wish I had been there to see it but I was across the street at 10K Lakes.

Yea they said 3,2,1,GO and then maybe 15 seconds later the match started. The HP was so focused for Wave that he just kept going. The field crew just went with it. And as you said I dont think it made any real difference in the outcome of the match.

Such a neat and clean field! :]

Beautiful. 3130’s robot was my favorite this year out of all of the ones I saw, and for a good reason. Need I say more?

I actually never saw Wave’s robot, as it was always in the regional that I wasn’t in.