2733 Pigmice's 2020 Robot

Team 2733, The Pigmice, is proud to present our 2020 robot: Paramecium.

Infinite Recharge Kickoff Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-R2pxnBAxg

5 Ball Auto: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Xm1JubBtoNmtYXar5

6 Ball Auto: https://photos.app.goo.gl/r9GPVHgJExmRvcUf9


Good stuff compared to past years IMO:

  • Custom drivetrain gearboxes that were designed and tested in the off-season, blue nitrile wheels, simpler chain tensioning, overall much better DT in general
  • Better bumpers & mounting mechanism
  • More use of lightweight materials (polycarb, thinner aluminium, 25 chain, spacers instead of hex shaft)
  • Better access to electronics, better initial electronics practices this year (almost no soldered wires AFAIK, just easy to swap secured crimped connectors, an important lesson we learned last year)
  • Prettier bling (LEDs, dope sponsor panels, painting some stuff)
  • Smarter application of 3DP (e.g. lathed pulleys instead of 3DP, but still using 3DP where it makes sense, another v important lesson from last year)
  • Better vision tracking solution (had issues with mounting last year among a few other things)
  • Strong focus on simplicity (e.g. removing unneeded complexity when it wasn’t deemed useful enough)

I could go on but yeah it makes Scorpion at the start of last year look bad (as it should).


Big fan of 2733 after seeing some play last year. Couldn’t believe you guys went unpicked at DCMP, and I really liked the way 2403-2733-5930 played on Turing. This is another great robot and I’m happy to see the team continue to improve. Will definitely be keeping up with PNW whenever it happens to see how it performs.


Very disappointed to not have seen it play, I always made a point to see 2733’s robot when I was at a competition with them