2767 - Stryke Force 2022 Reveal

Team 2767 is proud to present our 2022 Robot: Skystriker.

We will be competing at St. Joseph and Lakeview district events.

There are a ton of fun details. Enjoy and may all teams have a spectacular season.


Looking nice Stryke Force! looking forward to seeing you guys compete this weekend!

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Sweeerve :wink:




Is the intake designed that way, to decrease the chance for grabbing rival ball by mistake or for other reason?

We have auto reject based on the color sensor for opponent cargo. However the internal intake design decision was driven for a few reasons:

  1. Rule 204: we don’t want to get dinged
  2. Defense/ scrums in the corners - Frankly we do not want a broken intake - As always designs evolve

Yo does your swerve have suspension? (or something else, I don’t really know what I would call it) I swear that at 0:38 your module pulley is moving

I know in years past that they have done suspension so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if they did it again. More info on how they developed their swerve is in their 3rd coast swerve white paper they did a few years back.

So this is something we call positraction, however it was developed before my tenure with the team. The long and the short of it is:

  • “Suspension” is bottomed out, we are not actively riding on springs (active coils fully compressed).
  • When the dynamics of a moving robot cause it to tilt the wheel drops down under the spring force and maintains ground contact.

Does the suspension improve the bots ability to go over the cable protector at high speeds?

No. It’s really about keeping the wheels even on the ground for smoother autos. If the frame gets tweaked they stay on the carpet.

The travel is about .125"


Great looking bot! Have fun at St. Joe. Go get um!


What does the black bumper thing halfway up the robot do?

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This is completely within our frame perimeter. It is a basic deflector to get balls back down and in front of the intake. It also protects the intake to some degree from impacting the ball returns from the lower hub (or other corners entering the intake area)

The deflector is constructed very similar to a bumper.

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Yep got you, g204 was a thing last week (sometimes regardless for who initiated the contact), hope we’ll see less and less calls of it.

Actually we feel that our swerve suspension does help with it a little. @Mark_Wasserman what is the force of the springs?

Yup! This game will evolve and that area needed some level of protection while we figure out how to control the machine best and rack up experience. It is targeted for development going into our first comp.

Mark can elaborate, but If I recall spring force is only about 10lbs at each corner. Travel isn’t far either (sub 1/2" iirc).

20-25lbs. per corner. The idea is to just bottom out at full weight.

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Nice climb :slight_smile: good luck this weekend!


Back in 2009 my team designed suspension for similar purpose and I’ve always been proud of it. Sweet to see it so far advanced. Love your robot

so your robot weighs 80-100lbs with battery and bumper?