2767 Stryke Force CAD/Code Release 2023

The other method that Onshape supports well is to design components in the same part studio. This allows for constraints and sketches to be shared with multiple parts without the context issues.

Example: gearbox and cover that need to share the same pattern mount holes. If you are still playing with the gear ratios (for example) where the body may change sizes, then the cover will follow the gearbox as it changes.

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(Not with 2767, but we use Onshape and have for about 4 years)

Our normal course:

Major space claims with simple shapes
A “Master Sketch” for the logical subassemblies
Build parts for the (sub) assembly in the same Part Studio - which allows for cross part constraints and sketch sharing so parts are tied to each other for the sub-assembly.

We’ll normally have 4-6 sub-assemblies.
“Arm” / deposit
End Effector
Other small parts
Control tray

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