2767 Stryke Force - Teasers Thread (and more!)

Hello all,

Stryke Force has been hard at work over the past weeks. With St. Joseph a few days off we thought we would drop these teasers**. Why you ask? Simply to create as much confusion as possible. :grin:

Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come!

Want More? Fire up twitch tonight (Tuesday) for FRC Top 25 (9:00 Est) with a FUN Exclusive (https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow)

Teaser #1

(Youtube link to the above)

Teaser #2

(Youtube link to the above)

Teaser #3 (FUN Premiere)

(Youtube link to the above)

** and much, much more.


We will be sure to bring the fishing line to East Kentwood again. :wink:


You look like a harmonic drive

3D printing custom ring gears is such a cool application.

We didn’t stop at just the ring gear… the whole thing is custom. Sun, planets, carrier… :wink:.


Here we go… What is the secret sauce with this prototype? Enjoy!

More to come…

Teaser #4
temporarily unavailable

Build Timelaspse (and more):


Nice claw

I am genuinely excited and scared to see what you guys have come up with this season…

Looking forward to seeing you in East Kentwood as well. Code Red always brings it strong.

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Speaking of East Kentwood, David K wants to see the dream alliance of 27, 67 and 2767.


27 in station 1
2767 in station 2
67 in station

That would be ideal


Robot looks scary as usual. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing. 2767 was a huge inspiration for us this year as we pursued a swerve of our own.

Next year, we are changing to team #2727, Stryke Chickens. please pick us at Detroit. thanks

2727 is too powerful

Build Timelapse (and more) is live, be sure to check it out! (near top of thread).

Looking forward to competition!

custom vacuum motor is my bet.

Semi custom, its not a diaphragm pump that other teams have been using. It sounds like an F1 race car when its on.


That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see it tonight.

The old V8 screamers or the ‘newer’ V6 turbos (which aren’t as bad as everyone on the Internet says)

So the ball claw spins? Imparting “english” on the cargo to direct it left or right in the rocket?

We are coming to watch you and other West MI friends Saturday, so we’ll know soon enough! Good luck!

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The trident “claw” spins around to score on the left or right side of the robot.

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