2775 Bump Teaser

Awesome demo…how well does the thing turn vs 6 wheels, mechanums, etc?

Love the articulated drive. See you guys in St. Louis.

Awesome frame. It’s stuff like this that made me wish I wanted to use a more complex suspension drive earlier in the season.

This is really sick. Only problem is turning but I see Omnis! Who woudl’ve thunk :o

Looking good!

That chassis system looks very familiar. :wink:

I really wish I could use youtube at school so I could see this drive. Greg always come up with original and innovative robotic designs.

I am sure you have seen this type of drive before. :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that your kicker that hit coming down off the bump the second time?

Nice drivetrain.

Thanks all for your complements, I will pass them along to my team.

While it is very similar to 340’s bot in 2004 in function and it was Jason who was able to confirm it worked. The idea came from a general brain storming with the team and the implementation inspiration came from the drive team 73 used in 2003 and 2004.

The outer wheels are omnis, so the effective wheel base is 10 inches. The bot turns within it’s own footprint with little resistance.

Yes our kicker is what hit, the mechanism that holds it and pulls it back was not on the robot at the time of the video

Very nice, Greg. I can’t see, but surely you have some Dewalt transmissions on there :wink:

Sweet looking drive-train Greg!!

Awesome work Greg! I know I have seen that somewhere recently… :yikes:

HELLOOooooo :yikes:
Well done love the setup, very nice. I would not expect anything else from you and your team, hope you have a super year in FIRST. Oh yeah say a big helloooo to your team, mom and dad from me…
Old MOE and TEAM 88 TJ2 TYE DYE for ever OH YEAH !!!

Looks Awesome! Great Idea for the wheels.

Thanks all.

don’t worry, we have 3 DeWALT transmissions on there.

Man, that’s cool. Rolls nicely over those bumps. (I may or may not have watched this video close to seven times by now)

that is so cool… my team was thinking of doing that during brainstorming