2789 - 2013 Highlight Reel

So there are plenty of teams that have cranked out a reveal video…this year, we’ve decided to make a highlight reel of our regional action as we head into our first trip to champs. This has been an incredible year for us, and I would like to specifically thank the following Texas teams who over the past five years have inspired us to not only build better robots and be competitive, but have also inspired us with their genuine Texas-sized gracious professionalism and willingness to help our team and other teams find their way in the greater FIRST community.


And 16 (even though they’re from Arkansas, but to whom we’ll bestow honorary Texan status lol)

Here’s the video!

or you can also click on

Thanks to our team’s executive officer, Stella for putting this together!

That fall at Lone Star still hurts man…

Amazing video!! Sucks the DiscoBots never got a chance to play with you guys this year. Y’all have had an amazing year, HUGE congrats on it. We will be routing for you guys at Champs and we know you’ll make Texas proud!!

Nice video!
For a defensive team to win two regionals and be finalists at another is a testament to the robot they built and the drivers they have.
See you guys at CMP, and shut down the competition.

Thanks to our team’s executive officer, Stella for putting this together!

Wow, this Stella person sounds great.

Nice job, TEXplosion! I’ve heard a lot of things about you but it’s nice to see the robot in action.

Newton better be careful - you’re gonna shut 'em down!

That’s some hardcore defense. What’s your drivetrain like?

Thanks! We use #4cims to direct drive 4 slip wheels in tank drive…I argued for higher traction wheels, but was shown why that was a bad idea…Of course, our driver and the amazing data our scouting team collects has a lot to do with the defense, too :wink:

I’ve heard a lot of things about you, and several members on my team can’t wait to meet you at champs…not calling anyone out…well, not until later in this post :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s ah-ight… #proud #thehumblebragisreal :slight_smile:

Fun Fact: Stella is a charter member of the Kamen Krew…The official (?) fan club for Libby Kamen… https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BH7pY0oCUAIEyhH.jpg

Thanks! It’s hard to get recognition because sometimes it feels like there’s #nolovefordefense lol Hopefully champs will help us find out how good we really are :slight_smile:

Thanks, we hope to make Texas proud, and keep the winning going! That was a hard hit…I’m really glad it didn’t cause any serious damage, this robot, like all your robots, is really pretty and awesome!

Fun Fact: TEXplosion has nothing but love for the Discobots. 2587 is the first team to ever accept an alliance invitation from 2789.

You guys are hilarious. Interacting with your students on twitter honestly brightens my day. I am nothing special in the grand scheme of things, but “The Crew” makes me feel like a million bucks.

Bobby and Texplosion - Great Video.

You were instrumental to our success at Alamo and our detriment at Hub City.

Good luck to you guys at Championships.

We’re a small team and I’ve got to admit I drive them pretty hard and take things way too seriously sometimes…I’m grateful they remind me that it’s ok to have fun sometimes :slight_smile:

Which reminds me…tomorrow we’ll start hardcore preparations for champs


Libby, you brighten our day more than you can imagine. You’re the best. :smiley:

Let it be known the KC is growing. We have a Girl of Steel (shoutout to Campbell) and maybe Karthik.

Thanks, Norm! As always, we APPRECIATE the love, and I know Archimedes will get a run for it’s money with 2468’s long game!

Fun Fact: 2 of the teams we lost to in the finals at Hub City are in the Newton Division with us!

Coach Norm, our drive team still talks about your coaching. You’re world class, in our eyes.

No love lost there. You play to win and that we know that hit wasn’t intentional. That was back when we were very top heavy (though we did get knocked over again at Alamo) but we knew the defense was coming.

I keep forgetting that we have Texas Robot Roundup in the off-season so we will have another chance to play with you guys. Hope to see you there!!

We’re on the planning committee and help run the event, so you know we’ll be there in full force! This year’s TRR will be fun given the fact that we’ve seen great robots compete at all four Texas events, and it’ll really be something to see them all competing under the same roof!

Coaches are only as good as the players taking coaching. Looking for some drive practice with you guys on Saturday.

Not sure how I feel being featured in a video for “getting shut down” ^^

Good luck at CMP guys. I’m gonna be watching you, I think you’re gonna represent Texas well.

We thought it might be better video for our highlight reel than the blocker we had in semis 1 that was flopping all over the place, as well as the other cycles y’all made where you drove circles around us lol

Thanks for cheering us on, it means a lot to us, and we’ll do our best to make Texas proud!

Fun Fact: We’ve got nothing but love and respect for 624. CRyptonite was the first team that ever picked 2789 for an alliance selection…even if it was for the Mentor’s Tournament at the first TRR…it meant a lot to our young team, particularly given the fact that our alliance won the mentor’s tournament and that was also the first competition trophy our team ever won! That trophy is proudly displayed with our other awards.